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Do you know the cutest bar in a tie and a hat? His name is Freddy and he welcomes you to an amazing pizzeria, where funny and adorable animatronics will gladly meet you! They like singing songs, playing games, laughing, jumping, running, and having fun! Will you play with them? Oh, this amazing pizzeria is the best in town and so many families come there to have a rest and eat something delicious! However, this is what actually happens at the daytime. Everything changes when the night falls. Enter the section of FNaF games and find out the blood-chilling secret of Freddy’s pizzeria…

FNAF Security Breach
Ultimate Custom Night

Five nights of survival

All FNaF games share the same plot – you are locked in a room for five nights. During this time, the animatronic animals that go crazy at the nighttime will try to enter the room and scare you to death. It is said that the mechanical animals are broken, that is why they act this way. But if you are a real fan of the series and have played these games (we mean, more than one chapter), then you must be suspecting that everything is not that simple with animatronics. There is a version that the main heroes of the game have serious sins and blood on their hands. Their past is very gloomy. Some of them are suspected in murders of children, the others committed no less horrible crimes. Animatronics chase them from game to game, reminding of the horrible deeds of their past. Some fans claim that these toys are alive because the souls of the killed children live inside of them. Now they are following their killers and taking a bloody revenge.

Don’t let the animatronics jumpscare you!

When sitting in your room, you must close all the exits and enters to prevent animatronics from making a deadly visit. The problem is that you cannot close them all at the same time and sit calmly. Oh, well, this would be not very interesting, right? You need to close the entrances that are more likely to be used by the monsters at this moment. To learn that, you should listen carefully and watch the animals walking around. You have cameras and monitors all around the building, so it is possible to predict the attack. In some parts, you can distract the monsters with various toys, cartoons, and melodies. However, you cannot attack in turn – there are no weapons, so everything depends on your accuracy and skills! The game is better played in the headphones – this way, you will hear the noises of approaching animals. However, the sound of a jumpscare will become more killing as well. So you have five nights to hang on! Try not to die from fear!