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PUBG is a popular game in the genre of battle royale where you need to demonstrate your skills against a hundred of other players. Everyone parachutes to a deserted island where they need to search for weapons and kill each other. The safe zone keeps shrinking bringing the players closer together. There can be only one winner!

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Shoot, kill and survive!

In terms of gameplay, PUBG follows the golden standard of battle royale. You choose a map where you will fight. There are several of them, each offering its own terrain, locations and some unique weapons and vehicles. You can go to the rocky desert of Mexico, battle in the Mediterranean or even try to survive amidst the snows.

Your success in a match depends on where you land. Choose this place wisely, and don’t open the parachute in advance. Resourceful players can shoot at you, thereby filling themselves with an achievement. Here you need to constantly loot, at the start you will have to dress up your character, and the rest of the time you will be hunting for bullets that have a tendency to run out when required most.

Also in PUBG there is a first-person view, which to a greater extent allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of survival among a good hundred opponents. The game is visually superior to most other titles in its genre. The unleashing of its graphical capabilities is most noticeable in first-person matches, where you can see your gun and attachments on it. And realism is one of the things we’re looking in games like that, right?

Customization, skins and bonuses

PUBG allows for some customization. At the first start, the game asks you to create a character. So far, there are two genders available, several types of faces and hairstyles. There are also inaccessible options that are opened for the fulfillment of certain conditions.

If you like diversity, you can visit the in-game store of various skins that don’t affect the balance, but change the perception of what is happening. And there is no denying that playing in a prettier skin is more interesting than in a dirty T-shirt. There are several main types of cases in the store, the most affordable of which is sold for the internal currency, which is issued after each session. By entering the game every day, you can receive bonuses. And after a week of daily visits, you will get a valuable box of clothes. Play PUBG on our site right now and enjoy the thrill of a massive battle that can go in the most unexpected direction!