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What do you recollect when you think back to your school years? Some recall how they used to spend time with their friends, others think of their first love. But some memories are marred by the image of some nightmarish teacher that is there at every school. In this game you will confront exactly this kind of a teacher who turns every class into a real hell. This is a grumbly woman with a heavy character who quickly loses temper if somebody disappoints her. She also resorts to physical violence to get her point across. In Scary Teacher 3D, you’ll be playing as one of her students who got sick of such an attitude. So he decided to take revenge and sneaked into her house with an intent to play a few tricks. However, this innocent adventure soon turned into a real survival quest!

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Get back at your teacher!

At the beginning of the game, you’ll see the teacher leave her house and will get inside. But once you step over the porch, the door will close and you will have to look for a way to get out. You must do that before the teacher returns otherwise you’ll be in a lot of trouble! Explore the building, look into every nook and cranny. The key to the front door must be here somewhere. As you walk around the house, you will also find out more about the evil teacher’s life. Some of her secrets may even appear too creepy and you would wish you’d never discovered them! Even though your state is rather hopeless, it’s no reason to discard the initial plan. As long as you’re here, you can leave a bunch of wicked surprises for your teacher. Doing that is probably the most exciting part of the gameplay because soon you’ll get to see how all of your traps will work!

Escape the house without being caught!

All of a sudden, you hear the door clicking – the teacher is back! She returned sooner than you expected and she shouldn’t see you inside. So the rest of the game will be about hiding from her and making sure she isn’t aware of your presence. At the same time, you need to keep looking for a way to escape. Try not to make too much noise or the teacher will know somebody is in her house. You don’t wanna find out what she is going to do to you if she catches you in the act! So you need to stay unnoticeable and keep looking, walking into different rooms and picking up any items that might come in handy. If you are attentive and careful enough, you will surely find the exit and get away with it unharmed!